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web sites?

Ok., I want a website but what else do I need?

Well it really does depend on what you are going to use the website for and the degree of control you want to have over what people see.

T o start at the beginning, web pages are just files, you can create them yourself on your own computer, the problem arises from allowing the rest of the world to see them. No one would recommend opening up your computer to the rest of the world to allow people to see your web pages and if you dont have the available infrastructure to show pages on a server that you can manage, then you are probably going to need a web host who will store your files on their server and retrieve them for visitors to see when they make a request. The full process goes something like this:-


Now it follows from this that you may possibly need two services, Web Page Design and Web Hosting.

Lots of people can do Web page design, you could even have a go at this yourself. Static pages are quite easy to design and you can find a tutorial on how to do this at the Crafty Computers Cymru site.

If you want a more professional job or need some dynamic features then you may need to use a web designer service.
Bagillt Web Design can provide this.

There are many web hosting services available, including some free ones but the features you should look for may determine your needs. Almost all free hosts will display additional advertisements on your web pages - and it is unlikely that you will have any say in who these advertisements are for - so you may be displaying competitors advertisements! Of the paid for hosts, look to see what the site availability statistics are - you want your web site to be available as close to 100% of the time as you can get it. If you have dynamic pages (pages where the content changes) or have data such as a shopping cart for electronic purchases, then you will probably need a scripting language to be available on the hosts servers and also possibly a database. Make sure that what the host provides meets your needs and also bear in mind that with some hosting companies these are expensive extras. If this leaves you puzzled, take a look at our reference sites (listed in the right hand column) for a description of how some of these websites were constructed.

If all else fails, call 07817 190032 (mobile) to discuss your requirements.

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